How it works

SPOK’D is more than just a cycling software tool. It's your cycling coach. It’s a better way to train. Riders who train with SPOK’D make their time on the bike more efficient than before. Each plan adapts to you. You’re in control. Here’s how SPOK’D makes it happen for you.

You build your own training plan in 4 simple steps

  • Create your own goal - are you going to be training towards an event or working on a specific area of your cycling.
  • Set your training availability - you tell SPOK’D when you can train. Plus you can change your availability anytime during the week
  • How will you train - there are three options; sync SPOK'D with your Strava, Garmin Connect or TrainingPeaks. If you don't have either, it's no stress. You can train by feel.
  • Set your zones - Input your 20 minute avg. heart rate or power to create your zones. If you don’t know? SPOK’D will ask you a few questions to estimate them for you. Then as you train, your zones will automatically adjust

Every session is personalised to you

No more second-guessing about which session you should ride today.

Every session is specific to you, based on:
  • Your goals demands - SPOK’D ensures you’re doing the right type of efforts that are align with what you want to achieve
  • Your availability - Life is never straightforward and your training plan needs to adjust to this
  • Where are you in the training plan - there is no point doing your hardest efforts 14 weeks out. As you progress towards your goal, so will your sessions

Keeps you on track

Forget about trawling through data graphs to understand how well you rode or waiting to speak to a coach. SPOK’D automatically adjusts your training plan and provides easy and actionable feedback about your training. So all that is left is for you to ride you bike with confidence.

Each week, your training plan dynamically changes on 4 key variables:
  • The planned workload v. completed workload based on time in zones
  • How the training felt shown through the session scores
  • Your sleep patterns via volume and quality of sleep
  • Your energy levels before your ride

Know how well you're riding

No more waiting for a coach or spending hours going through ride data to understand how well you rode. SPOK’D provides you with clear and simple data instantly, so know how well you're riding.

By achieving this, you can train with confidence knowing you’re moving in the right direction.

Stay connected

SPOK’D automatically collects your ride data from Strava.

Plus you can push your SPOK’D sessions into your Garmin device or automatically upload it into Training Peaks. This  ensures you don’t miss an effort or you can dig into your ride for some extra analysis.
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