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SPOK'D is the only cycling app that creates a truly personalised training plan to help you smash your goals. Every week your plan adapts to you based on your training and personal data.

There are 4 main variables that impact your training plan:

1. Planned v. completed workload

SPOK'D analyses the difference between the planned time in zones v. actual time in zones, while also factoring in your heart rate lag to reach your top end zones.

2. How the sessions felt

Every session has a score out of 10, called RPE. Being honest with this score, helps the algorithms understand your perceived effort of the planned session.

3. Your sleep quality

Sleep has an huge influence on your training performance. After every session SPOK'D asks you how long did you sleep for and the quality of sleep.

4. Your energy levels

Tough day at work or busy time with the family? SPOK'D wants to know. Your energy levels across the week will impact your training load.

Value for money

SPOK'D brings together the accessibility of a static training plan and the personalisation of a coach to create a holistic experience to help you improve on the bike.

Static plans

  • No plan adjustments based on ride data
  • No plan adjustments based on lifestyle data - sleep and energy
  • Can’t change the session durations to match your routine
  • Doesn't factor in bunch rides or commutes
  • PDF plans are free
  • Online software offerings e.g. Zwift are £12 + p/m


  • Automatic plan changes based on ride data
  • Automatic plan changes based on lifestyle data - sleep and energy
  • You're in control on when and how long you want to ride for
  • Instantly add in bunch rides/commutes via a free ride
  • 14 day free trial period. No card details asked.
  • £9.99 p/m - cancel anytime
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Cycling coach

  • Wait for plan changes based on ride data
  • Wait for plan changes based on lifestyle data -  sleep and energy
  • Reach out and ask the coach to change your session duration or days
  • Speak with the coach to factor in your bunch rides or commutes
  • No trial period
  • Starts at £100 p/m

How SPOK'D works

Having your own personalised and flexible training plan is super simple:
  • Set up your plan in 4 easy steps
  • The training plan adjusts to your lifestyle as you train
  • The plan stays personalised to you via the smart algorithms
  • You know exactly how well you're riding through easy to understand training data
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Riders who choose to be coached by SPOK'D level up their cycling

Riders of all abilities have chosen to be coached by SPOK'D as they want to maximise their time on the bike without having to spend a fortune.

"Using SPOK'D is like having a personal butler do all the little details, whilst I just pedal."

Graham Hubbard

“I focus on country road racing, 100km of all out joy. SPOK'D is a key part of my training as it plans, monitors and prepares me for each event. All I have to do is the physical work.”

Ash Turner

"That's a 28 watts added to my FTP since I started by SPOK'D journey."

Tony Wilson

"Hey SPOK'D, thanks for the 22 watt FTP increase after only 3 weeks of the current plan!"

Steve Wood

“ I focus on crit racing and TT races as well as enjoying cycling for its challenges and freedom. Using SPOK'D is like having my own personal assistant as it organises, schedules and pinpoints all my training and all I have to do is turn up and ride.“

Andrew Gadd

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Built by riders,
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SPOK'D is backed by science but shaped by elite coaching and your feedback.
Meet the team who bring this to life.
Richard LangEx pro cyclist, founder/CEO
Chris Newton Olympic medallist. British Cycling Coach
Dr Nic Berger Sports scientist
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